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Puustelli Group Ltd

How did Hillava make Puustelli’s operations more effecient?

Puustelli Group Ltd manufactures and installs kitchen furniture. With Hillava Puustelli boosted resource management and order handling. Puustelli sales can schedule the installation with customer immediately, as well as assign the specific resources. This is efficient and improves customer experience. Also all the documentation is now in one system.  
”Hillava is a convenient and modern installation management system. The great thing is that it can be reached from many different places at the same time.”
Johanna Tonteri
Puustelli Group Ltd
Puustelli hyödyntää Hillavaa sähköisenä asennustenhallintajärjestelmänä
Töidenhallintajärjestelmä energia-alalle

Seinäjoki Energia Ltd

Work management in the energy industry

Seinäjoen Energia produces and supplies electricity, heat and water. Seinäjoen Energia is currently deploying Hillava for scheduling, monitoring and managing construction work on connections.    

Pajakallio Ltd

Managing production work phases

Pajakallio offers a comprehensive range of steel products and engineering works services for companies and private customers. Services include design, manufacturing and installation of steel structures. With Hillava Pajakallio manages supply chain from order to delivery, including various manufacturing phases. With Hillava Pajakallio manages supply pipeline by order through various manufacturing stages.  
Tilaustenhallinta ja toimitukset
LVIS-alan toiminnanohjaus

Normiputki Ltd

New level of transparency

Normiputki Oy provides HP installations and maintenance services for companies and private customers. Renovations and minor contracts are also part of Normiputki’s area of operation.  
"We wanted a new ERP system and now with Hillava our internal and external operations are more efficient. In principle, the idea is simple: no one needs to enter the same information many times. For example, if a new price information or a product is placed in their system by a wholesaler, information moves automatically through LVISNet integration to Hillava, and our invoicing agent does not have to worry about updating information in Hillava. New job orders will also come directly from our customer's own system."
Jari Enckell
Normiputki Ltd

Reisswolf Finland

Supply and project management

Reisswolf Finland provides security storage and handling services. Solutions include, for example, an archive hotel, document shredding services and data storage containers in a cost-effective and secure manner. With Hillava, Reisswolf controls customer order processing and project management as well as internal accounting and reporting.
ERP turvallisuusalan yrityksille
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