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Your customer

Your customers are a precondition for your company’s very existence. Your customers want service on time and as agreed. A satisfied customer will stay with you.
With Hillava:
  • The order-delivery chain is smooth, transparent, and efficient.
  • You automatically keep your customers up to date.
  • You proactively offer the best service.
Läpinäkyvyyttä ja sujuvuutta yrityksen tilaus-toimitusketjuun
Paras mahdollinen tehokkuus ja laskutus aste - Hillavalla
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It is your responsibility to ensure that the company operates profitably and that its operations are developed. You want to see reliable profitability and cost monitoring to support decision-making. You want to digitalize processes and reduce manual work
With Hillava:
  • You will ensure the maximum efficiency and invoicing rate for your company’s capacity.
  • You can trust in report figures, since the data is based on real-time information from the field, not on remembered figures.
  • Your company has its disposal a modern and developing solution that scales to the company’s changing needs.
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You want to manage resources and work as efficiently as possible, with no hassle, papers or Excel. You are responsible for the smooth flow of work for both customers and your own organization.
With Hillava:
  • You can see a visual, real-time overview of the work status.
  • You can save all necessary data concerning work performance and make it available to everyone who needs it. Data flows to and from the field without delay.
  • You can manage surprising and sudden situations and subsequent changes all the way up to the employee’s mobile device.
Mobiili ERP toimii työnjohdon tukena kiireissä ja yllättävissä muutoksissa
Helppokäyttöinen mobiili ERP raportoinnin yksinkertaistamiseen
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Without you a company wouldn’t be able to function and customers wouldn’t receive any service. Customers see you as the face of your company. Using Hillava you can perform your work efficiently and leave post-it notes and paper pushing in the past.
With Hillava:
  • You receive a user-friendly mobile application that you can learn to use in 5 minutes.
  • You are in the right place at the right time, and all of your work is with you on a mobile device with up-to-date data.
  • You document and report your tasks in just a few clicks, and the data is immediately saved.
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