ERP and work management

  • Designed and developed for service business, maintenance and installation operations
  • All real time data in one place
  • Manage work, resources, schedules and changes from your computer and mobile devices

Digitalize the service business delivery chain

Hillava digitalizes the service business delivery chain from order to invoicing. Hillava manages work requests from various sources as well as their schedules, workload and documentation using a single tool.

Our customers


Hillava is proven to benefit customers in the following industries: energy; industrial maintenance; other maintenance; infrastructure, specialist and renovation building; safety; servicing and installation; maintenance; and production work phase management.

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Your customers

Your customers will receive better customer service and have a better idea of what’s going on. Read more
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Ensure a high invoicing rate for your company and digitalize service business. Read more
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Manage work, resources, schedules and changes visually and in real time. Read more
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A modern and user-friendly tool for documenting work with minimal clicks. Read more

From our blog

A suitable system for you at a suitable price

A ready-to-use ERP system that you can implement in as little as two weeks.
Continuously developed – and you will be able to use new features without additional investments.
Can be expanded at a reasonable cost as needed.

The 9 wonders of Hillava

Made for you

You receive a ready ERP product that fits your daily routine flexibly.

Lighten your load

Swap post-its and tables for Hillava, and focus on what’s important.

Keeps you up to speed

You’ll know the whats, wheres, whens and hows. View a real-time status regardless of the time or your location.

Wonderfully productive

Set your organization to the most productive level and you’ll achieve more profit with the same group of people.

Absolute top quality

Ensure that you stick to the quality plan. Document problems and successes.

Charm your customers

Improve your service level and offer your customers transparency.

Stylish and easy to use

A highly praised and simple user interface. Easy to implement and adopt.

Happy to integrate

It’s not nice to be alone. Move your data seamlessly between your systems.

Continuously refined

We listened to our customers and developed Hillava. We will continue to do more of the same.
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